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When an old friend dies and leaves Jacquot a fishing boat, all kinds of secrets and crimes come back to haunt him, in the seventh in the Marseilles-set Inspector Daniel Jacquot novelsChief Inspector Daniel Jacquot is on sick leave recovering from gunshot wounds when Isabelle Cassier, an old friend and sometime lover, pays him a visit. After working for the Judiciaire in PaWhen an old friend dies and leaves Jacquot a fishing boat, all kinds of secrets and crimes come back to haunt him, in the seventh in the Marseilles-set Inspector Daniel Jacquot novelsChief Inspector Daniel Jacquot is on sick leave recovering from gunshot wounds when Isabelle Cassier, an old friend and sometime lover, pays him a visit. After working for the Judiciaire in Paris following the end of their brief affair, Isabelle has returned to Marseilles and rejoined the homicide squad. And her visit, she tells him, is official—Jacquot's name has appeared in connection with an unsolved murder she's investigating, and she wants some answers. She wants to know what he knows about a dead cop called Gilles Barsin, and just how friendly he was with Jean-Louis Lombard, a notorious dockland villain also known as The Seahorse? The two names spin Jacquot back to his days as a rookie cop, a distant time when the lines between law and disorder were often blurred, when silly mistakes were sometimes made, and friendship came at a heavy price. Now, years later, it looks like someone is spilling the beans....

Title : The Dying Minutes
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The Dying Minutes Reviews

  • Lindsay
    2019-05-17 14:30

    'A little bit of mischief. Deadly mischief.' Chief Inspector Daniel Jacquot is a detective working in the South of France. One day quite out of the blue he receives a surprise gift, bequeathed to him by a fisherman, known as Philo, a recently deceased resident of Marseilles. Meanwhile, lawyer Claude Dupont also receives an unexpected package from one of the criminals he defended in the past, Pierre-Louis Lombard, who is now dying. A robbery occurred in 1972 along the coast from Marseilles, we learn, and gold bullion was stolen, which has never been found since. Nor has anyone ever been arrested for the crime. The novel opens with a scene from the robbery, and then takes us forward to 1999 where we meet Jacquot, and Dupont. Jacquot is still carrying injuries sustained in his previous investigation, and is off work recouperating. During this time, he receives the aforementioned gift, a boat, and he quickly develops a strong affection and attachment to the vessel, Constance. He then has to explain this new aquisition to his partner Claudine, who is expecting their baby.Meanwhile, his former police colleague, Isabelle Cassier, reappears in Jacquot's life, asking him about an old acquaintance, and seeking his help with her current murder investigations, as the search for the missing gold intensifies and involves two very violent criminal gangs from the area. Dupont's gift leads him to a left-luggage locker at the station, and a holdall containing many secrets. Jacquot looks amongst the many books left in his possession on the boat, and there is a lovely, evocative description as he visits one of the bookshops where he believes Philo purchased some of the books:'As Jacquot went deeper into the shop the darker the passage way between the bookshelves became, the dustier and more valuable the stock: leather-bound collections, fine gold lettering on scarlet squares, spines ribbed and rubbed, the dusty scent of the centuries.'This is a very well-written, intelligent and intriguing crime story, with an involving plot. Jacquot is a charming character, with a keen eye for clues, a quick mind, and a skill for putting the elements of evidence slowly together: 'It was always like this at an initial crime scene. Who? How? Where? When? Why? All you ever had were just a few loose pieces of a very large jigsaw...The trick was to find new pieces, and then fit them all together. Slowly to start with, then picking up speed.'I felt that the atmosphere of the setting comes across so vividly, it really transports the reader over there, with the mention of delicious foods and fine wines, the boats on the water; the author conjures a very attractive sense of place for us as a backdrop to Jacquot's life, the criminal activity and the investigation. The chapters are short and the novel moves along at a steady pace. Though there are quite a number of characters introduced fairly early on, and this was a challenge at first, as you read on, they all begin to fit into the story as a whole. Similarly, it is quite a lengthy book but the storyline and different characters all maintain your interest.The Dying Minutes is the seventh novel in the series to feature Daniel Jacquot. It is the first installment of the series that I have read, and I didn't find this a problem, indeed we pick up some aspects of his history as this novel progresses, such as the fact that he was formerly an international rugby player. He is a likeable lead character, and this is an absorbing story. Reading The Dying Minutes has made me want to pick up the earlier novels in the series and discover more about Inspector Jacquot's previous investigations.4.5 stars.

  • Monica
    2019-05-18 07:34

    Jacquot is on sick leave, recovering from gunshot wounds, when he is surprised to find that an old fisherman friend has been bequeathed him a boat. As he attempts to find out more about his friend's past he discovers a whole second life - a marriage, wealth, property and collections of rare objects, other bequests to a variety of worthy causes. At the same time, the Isabelle Cassier, his ex-lover, has rejoined the Marseilles police department and approaches him about a homicide she is investigating. And bodies start dropping like flies - all of them with an apparent connection to the theft of a ton of gold bars in the 1970's. Two rival mobs think they are entitled to the missing gold and are willing to do almost anything to find it. And Jacquot's benefactor and his wife may have been tied in somehow.The characters and setting are still a treat, but the plot got a bit confusing - so many thugs, hard to sort them out without a chart, and there wasn't one.

  • Nigel
    2019-05-14 08:34

    Quite entertaining in a hurried, fast paced kind of way with it's short burst chapters but the unlikely scenario of two organized crime gangs chasing the same prize and the messy ending spoilt it it some what, however the most irritating bit for me was all the French in it ( yes, I know it's set in Marseille) when it's supposed to be written in English. My schoolboy French coped with most of what wasn't translated, but why so much. All those cedillas', circumflex's and acute's just get on your bloody nerves and as for French names, why use one word when six will most definitely test your will to live. Miserable old git, probably, but as for the book, good idea not too bad characters, ( apart from the gorilles ;-) ) and nicely knitted together, if you discount the clumsy and rushed ending.

  • Louise Higgins
    2019-05-06 12:29

    A hugely enjoyable read...only recently found this wonderful author,and am busy reading the whole series. Wonderful characterisation, compelling and descriptive storytelling....a breath of fresh (French) air.

  • Anne
    2019-05-13 11:22

    Pretty good but peppered with French phrases that weren't always accurate. A little annoying. Didn't think it was brilliantly written but probably depicted the seamy side of Marseille pretty accurately.

  • Stephen
    2019-05-25 13:21

    enjoyed this fast paced crime thriller based in 1990's south of france where the missing gold of a 1970's heist comes to light and a deadly trail pursues as old scores are settled

  • Kaye
    2019-05-03 07:42

    While I enjoyed the characters in this book particularly Inspector Daniel Jacquot, I found the story very predicable and somewhat disappointing.

  • MieMia
    2019-05-06 10:35

    Tak lah teruk sangat cerita dia untuk harga RM5. Tapi bosan sebab cerita dekat France

  • Ann Tonks
    2019-05-06 13:31

    A well crafted story with an interesting array of characters although a touch too much torture for my taste. The cover quotes are correct for once - "tight plotting,excellent characterisation".

  • Barry
    2019-04-30 13:31

    Just couldn't get into it.